Pooch 4

"There's no such thing as bad day when you come home to a dog."

Right, all those two legged ones. I am a handsome poodle I expect all respect and gentleness to my handsome-self.
I don't like very much when my handsome face is touched and my coat also requires care and more care.
My mommy said it was a grooming time and together we found this lovely groomer at Tangle Tails. At first I was a bit worried. You know, new lady and all... But then she came over with this grooming van and parked just otside my house, so I felt a lot better as I don't need to go to unknown territory. It's so much nicer to be groomed at home, with mommy there rather than be left at doggy salon all alone! After nice foamy bath we run together to her table and there she did all this work that groomer do: she brushed, she dried, trimmed, cut, whizzed, buzzed and hey ho I am clean and handsome again!
I say, thank you lady for being so nice to me, for kisses and cuddles you gave me and when I need all this again, please come to my home. I do feel so much better when we are at my place! Sincerely yours.

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