Pooch 3

"Scratch a dog and you'll find yourself a permanent job."

Hello everyone! I am a pretty cross between Maltes and Yorkie girl. Girlie girl, of course. I love being taken care off, pampered, brushed and also those spa scent foamy baths.
Ok, there are few things I don't like too. For example, I don't like my paws being touched. No, really I do not. They are so sensitive! And I am always afraid, that humans will not notice my little fingers and will cut them off.. Such a horrible nightmares I have about it! Ohh..
But then we found Tangle Tails on internet. We looked at happy doggie pictures and decided to try them out. Oh, this lady was so nice!! I had a bath and she was so careful and so good with me!... At first I worried still a bit, but then she told me, that she has a yorkie girl at home. Her own yorkie girl, can you believe?! Oh, relaxed then and allowed her even to trim my nails.
Lady was lovely! We had so much fun and so many cuddles together and maybe even my nightmares about cut off fingers are going to stop. Thank you Tangle Tails, please come back again, I will give you a sweet yorkie kiss and you can also rub my belly a lot next time!


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