Pooch 19

"If you haven't loved a dog, a part of your heart has never opened."

Please look at my picture before and after: can you see the difference? To become so pretty as I have, call Tangle Tails as they offer mobile dog grooming service in Winchmore Hill and they have this nice groomer lady with this huge grooming van! I always liked a bit of brush and occasional bath, but if you are afraid, please do not worry my whoof-friends! She is kind, gentle and so much fun! And if you are good boy or girl, you will get a treat and loads and loads of cuddles. And kisses! Bichon x Cavalier cross.



"A dog might destroy your shoes but will never break your heart."

Together with my dad we like walks and gentlemanly talks. One day my dad said, that it was a time for a bit of beauty treatment. You know, gentleman must look after himself!
We phoned groomer lady and invited her to come over. For an afternoon tea, just as gentlemen do.
We had an awesome time together. She gave me a nice bath (dad says she is better at this than him and I must a little bit agree...) and then we had some brushing too. Mmm... I liked that she also scratched my belly - that is very good for any dog- gentleman, I say.
I kissed a groomer lady good bye and we will be inviting her for an afternoon tea this summer again. Thank you and I will be thinking of subjects for our next afternoon conversation. See you soon!




Pooch 1

" Unconditional love is as close as your nearest shelter."

Good day everyone! Let me introduce myself and I am toy poodle. I hope you are all well and good. I just wanted to say, that tangle tails lady is lovely and I liked everything she did for me: bath, brush, cut nails and some scissor work too. She was fast and gentle, she have cuddles, she have kisses. I don't really like poodle shaved face so I have my own look! I am handsome and I know it!!!! Thank you and I see you in a bit again!


Pooch 2

"Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail."

I am a little puppy girl yet, but my coat just grew and grew.. So much faster than I did! I could not see and my head was becoming heavy..
I am still little and mommy worries about taking me to other places, so she decided to see if someone called groomer can come to visit us.
Now, I could not understand anything. Groomer?? Is it someone to play with? What is it??
My mommy found mobile groomer and then she said that lady will come to play with me, but this time not in a park but in this grooming van whatever that is! We will play with water, hot air and then she will cuddle me and make me pretty, mommy said.
So, at first we had a bath - loads of foam and spraying water around. I think, mommy maybe does not like it, but we did with Tangle tails lady! Then we had more cuddles and this hot air thing was nice too! I was soo fluffy after lady blew it at me!
Ok, grooming part was a bit boring, we puppies like to play, you know but I did like all the touches tho. And after that we had a bit of games with grooming lady and when she left I started missing her.. My mommy said, next month I can see my tangle tail lay again! I can't wait!!
Why my coat does not grow so fast now??!!!... Propably is my croos breed between Lhasa Apso and Bichon Frise.

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