Pooch 8

"My therapist has a wagging tail!"

I am a cross between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua. I am just a little tiny thing. Oh-my-God I was scared when I realised I had to be groomed...I started shaking like a leaf in the wind...but this lady she gave me a cuddle and a kiss! It was so nice, I liked her so much and then we went together to have a soapy bath. After that she dried my coat quickly so that I didn't get cold. Apparently, my coat has grown and required some fashioning. It was nice! Then click-click my nails were done. That was very scary at first, you know, click-click so close to your paws is so very very scary for a small thing like me...Then this lady gave me some more cuddles and kisses. I was happy after that and when lady had to leave I was a bit sad You can see, she took my picture. I hope to see her again soon and next time I will not be so scared.


Pooch 9

"Nothing in the world is friendlier than a wet dog."

Hello, I am a Bichon-Jack Russell cross. Soooo, my mum said it was time for a groom...I was not sure about what was about to happen and decided at first that this new lady was not to be my friend. She had all those strange clicking-buzzing-foaming things in this huge grooming van. Then I noticed she started running a bath. A bath in a van!! I did make some fuss, I really did. The lady though was really friendly and she gave me a few yummy treats. After that I decided, that maybe she was not so bad. Maybe she was also a girls girl, just like me!! After a few more of those tasty treats, it stopped being so scary. At the end of it I can say with confidence, that I loved the brush part. Also massages are always welcome! As we parted, I checked myself in the mirror and I was very pleased with myself. Now, if you also are a girls-girl you will know how important it is to look good! So, thank you lady and when you come next time, I will behave, but only if you promise to bring some of those tasty thingys.


Pooch 10

"My windows aren't dirty... That's  my dog's nose art."

I'm a Yorkie-boy. I am a little bit fussy...I am also special so I require some very special treatment, just like you humans! Just like a proper metro-man, I feel that only the best dog spa treatments will do. So, when spa lady came over to make me perfect, I made few points: you, lady, be nice and gentle and I, Yorkie-boy, will then be nice to you. Once we had agreed on that, I allowed the lady to bath me, then we had some brushing and drying. This was very nice and I didn't even jump around too much! After that all the grooming started...Now that is something I do not like very much. My body is ok, but my paws are very sensitive!! And my ears are also not liking it. Why? Well..humans...Try this buzzing thing on yourselves and see how you like it. Nevertheless, the lady was very careful and as I caught a nice scent of yorkie girl coming from her, I decided that she was worthy
of my best behavior and we parted as best friends. I hope my parents will invite her again in a few months, because I am so curious about that Yorkie girl I smelt. Next time, when lady comes, I will most certainly make few enquiries about it :)


Pooch 11

"Be the person your dog thinks you are."

Can you see how soft my face is?! This is all thank you to Tangle Tails lady! I liked her soft and gentle hands. She brushed so gently, that I did not feel any pain and enjoyed it too. Mommy says, we will call her again next time. I am happy, because I hope, that maybe mommy also can ask lady to do this spa treatment for my paws! I heard Tangle Tails lady can do it and I soooo want my paws to be soft like a gras in a spring!
And how just whoop whoop everyone have a nice day! Kind regards, Mini Schnauzer.


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