Pooch 12

"Dog the only creature on earth that loves you more than himself."

I am a Poodle-Jack Russell Cross. I may be miniature in size but I am big in personality! With winter coming to an end, it was time my mommy ordered some nice lady to make me all handsome. So, first we had a bath, then nice gentle brush and after that I got groomed. Now I can see the world again and it is oh so beautiful! Also, my coat is just perfect for the spring and sun! And now when I go for walkies I can charm all whoof-ifull ladies in the park...


Pooch 14

"When I look into eyes of dog I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul."

Whoof and whoof which means hello hello in human language! I hope everyone is jolly happy and is having a beautiful day, just as I had with Tangle Tails!
You don't believe it? Just look how beautiful I am now! So soft, so fashionable and so so so ready to go to a park and get all attention from humans and compliments from boys!
They will be overwhelmed with my haircut and all my friends will be jealous today. I had a bath, I smell so nice, I have a perfect face and I had long brush, which I liked.
What is not to like about lovely Tangle Tail lady, huh??
So, if you want to have a perfect day, get Tangle Tails in and you will have not only bath and usual a bit boring grooming, but also cuddles and kisses.
Have a nice day everyone in woof and human world!! Miss Mini Schnauzer.

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