Pooch 4

"There's no such thing as bad day when you come home to a dog."

Right, all those two legged ones. I am a handsome poodle I expect all respect and gentleness to my handsome-self.
I don't like very much when my handsome face is touched and my coat also requires care and more care.
My mommy said it was a grooming time and together we found this lovely groomer at Tangle Tails. At first I was a bit worried. You know, new lady and all... But then she came over with this grooming van and parked just otside my house, so I felt a lot better as I don't need to go to unknown territory. It's so much nicer to be groomed at home, with mommy there rather than be left at doggy salon all alone! After nice foamy bath we run together to her table and there she did all this work that groomer do: she brushed, she dried, trimmed, cut, whizzed, buzzed and hey ho I am clean and handsome again!
I say, thank you lady for being so nice to me, for kisses and cuddles you gave me and when I need all this again, please come to my home. I do feel so much better when we are at my place! Sincerely yours.


Pooch 5

"No one on earth will love you more, be more patient with your moods, or keep your secrets better than your dog."

Hello, hello, I am Alfie the Westie. I greeted my grooming lady by jumping up and down and barking. Just a bit, you know, like proper dog must do. She washed my coat so it was white and beautiful again and trimmed my nails to short and comfortable. We spent a lot of time on my coat. Oh, I have a loooot of hair apparently! I thought I will not like the grooming much, but lady was really careful and gentle, no pulling. So after a bit of time I was happily running around again, all handsome and shiny.


Pooch 6

"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don't even know we have."

I kind of like my 80-ies look, but my parents though it was out of fashion and we decided that it was a time for some re-styling. First I had a bath, this was nice! I actually really enjoyed being rubbed with that white foamy thing and the water was nice and warm. Shame of course that it was not possible to swim, but rubbing with foam is also nice. Next was brushing. I did not like it very much. But just so that I could have some treats and cuddles I allowed it. After all this grooming, I said my whoof thank you and can confidently confirm - bathing is good, my favourite part! :) Mini Shchnauzer.


Pooch 7

"How many licks does it take for dog to reach the center of your heart? Just one."

Well, let me tell you the story. One day my coat grew so long, that I looked more like a bear. It was also difficult to brush. You know, long coats hurt more. That's when my mommy decided that it was a time for a haircut. So, we called dog-hairdresser, or groomer in human language, to get me sorted. I remembered from last time, that it is nice and pleasant. So, I sat down (or sometimes stood, when lady asked) and enjoyed some brushing, some kisses, some cuddles and some other things. Very quickly we were done. I felt light again and looked so slim and handsome! Thank you lady, and please come again. With that nice brush of yours, please. Love, English Cocker Spaniel.

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