Dog Grooming


  • Body - check coat, skin and tail for lumps bumps warts etc. signs of parasites, bald patches, cuts sores, matting, tangles and any abnormalities
  • Eyes - clean, free from discharge
  • Face, ear, mouth, nose - clean, free from discharge, any odour, wax, redness
  • Feet and pads - cuts, sores, mats, tangles, seeds etc
  • Anal area, genital area - check for swelling, discharge.
  • Nails - might need trimming, look for cuts and fungus


We bath your dog with professional gentle & mild shampoos/conditioner for different types of coats. Regular bathing keeps your dog’s skin healthy and coat clean and shiny.


Drying & brushing is one of the most important steps in grooming your dog. Your dog must be brushed correctly, removing all matted and loose hair in order for them to look their best.


De-matting is done for an extra charge, depending on how matted your dog’s hair is.


The ears of a dog are very sensitive and susceptible to infection, excessive wax buildup and parasite infection.  A gentle clean with the correct products will eliminate most problems.  Also keep in mind that removing the hair out of the ears (plucking) will keep the ears healthy.


Haircuts and Styles are needed frequently, depending on the breed. We have experience in all types of styles and breeds. We will also work with you to custom design your dog’s haircut according to your taste.


Dogs need to get their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Once a month if possible.

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